Managing Contract Changes


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Dr. Rene Rendon

Contract Management Best Practice

PDUs: 1

Effective contract administration is integral to successful project management.  In projects that involve extensive procurement activities, that is, contractor(s) performing critical aspects of the project effort, the effectiveness of the contract administration process will determine the success of the project.  Thus, contract administration activities put the teeth in project monitoring and control.  Managing and controlling contract changes is one of the major challenges of contract administration, requiring extensive process integration as well as communication among the project management team members.  This webinar will focus specifically on managing and controlling the contract changes process aspect of contract administration.  First, the need for a contract change control process will be discussed.  The general types of contract changes will then be presented, along with a brief discussion of a Contract Changes clause.  The contract change process is then discussed using the framework of the contract management process.  Controlling contract changes and the dynamics involved are also discussed, highlighting some essential elements of controlling contract changes.  Finally, best practices in contract changes management are presented.  The goal of this webinar is to present contract changes management as a critical part of contract administration and project management. 


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