How do I sign up for the monthly Newsletter?

If you'd like to receive a monthly newsletter with updates  about new products, special offers and other promotional announcements, you'll first need to log in by selecting the 'Log In' option at to top of the website page.

If you've  never registered on before, you'll need to do so in order to receive the newsletter.  When providing your information, make sure your email address is accurate.  Your email address will serve as your login userid and will also be the address we'll use when sending you the newsletter.

When entering your information for the first time, you'll notice in the 'Newsletter and Email Details' section at the bottom of the page, the 'Subscribe to our Newsletter' check box is selected.  This indicates that you would like to receive the monthly newsletter.  Click on the 'submit' botton to save your account information.

If you created your account earlier, but would like to update your account information to begin receiving the newsletter, you'll first need to log in by clicking the 'Log In' link at the top of the page and then enter the userid (email address) and password you provided when you registered originally.

The 'My Account Information' page will display.

 At the bottom of this page, below 'Email Notifications', click on 'Subscribe  or unsubscribe from newsletters'. 


Click the check box under 'General Newsletter' and click the   'update' button.

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